Karl Bingle – Mission Control Studio, Co-Production Experience, Patience, Encouragement, Recording and Mixing

Holly Cervini – Singer, Melodies, and Harmonies. (What’s it like having your singing juxtaposed to Holly’s? Imagine being in front of a crowd playing a kazoo as a pro delivers Mozart on a Stradivarius)

Richard Bearman – Experience, Keys, Walking Music Encyclopedia

Craig Beaumont – Recording, Friendship

All Saints Music Team – Glen Rude, Chris Smith, such sweet harmonies

Bryson Grove – Guitars, Bass

Justin Brooks – Percussion

Paul Eubanks – Bass Guitar

David Hays – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Lyrics, Songs, Melodies, Harmonies, Co-Producer

Robin Hays – Thank you for the Encouragement, love, and support!

Rob and Braden Grafe – Thank you for the laying on of Hands, encouragement, exhortation, and pastoring.

All songs written by David Hays.

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