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Rushing Wind – 
Thank you Karl Bingle for helping bring this song to life. This one is my musical retelling of Acts 2; the thing about Pentecost is that it’s still going on. It isn’t over.
Sanctus –
The Sanctus is recited or sung every week in liturgical settings around the globe. The Reverend Rob Grafe challenged me to write a Sanctus, and it turned out well enough that we sing this at my local church (All Saints Pawleys Island) about a third of the year. When Jesus, the parable speaker, teacher, and healer King entered Jerusalem, they celebrated big time. This version makes me feel like I was there, and that it was a big party. I hope it makes you feel the same way.
Kyrie – Featuring Holly Cervini
Christ followers have been singing these liturgy words for more than a thousand years.  I think there’s something beautiful in blending the ancient and the modern.  Thank you Holly Cervini for lending your amazing voice to this creation. 
There is a sense of dislocation a lot of us go through; then a love stronger than death comes along. How sweet it is to be family. When you whisper in my ear, I know family now is here.
This Wind – NOW OUT!
This Wind credits, special thanks to Amelia Ransom of Thunder & Rain (Nashville) for violin accompaniment.
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